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Are you at a point in your life where you’d like to do something different? Maybe you’re tired of corporate or kids, moving out of a relationship or getting ready to retire? You know you’re creative and you love decor, but you don’t know how you can turn that into an income fairly quickly and without much capital outlay. Or are you an estate agent who wants to sell more properties faster?

If this sounds like you, taking a Home Staging course may be just right for you. Learn the ins and outs of home staging from videos, workbooks, practical exercises and from me personally. By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence and the knowledge to set yourself up and start earning. I’ll be with you all the way, encouraging and mentoring you. Start your journey to becoming a successful home stager today. If not now, when?

Liesa xx

Choose your course

Estate Agents’ Course (Short)

I’ve put together this Short video-based course for busy real estate agents. It gives you the essentials of home staging that you can pass on to your seller. Any agent who wants to stand out from the others and get a competitive edge should do this course. It gives you the opportunity to really add value to any property you are marketing. Sellers will be impressed by your certification and knowledge of staging, making it a great selling point for you to get a sole mandate. Join me on the course as  I take you through the psychology of home staging, the financial benefits to sellers and agents, 20 design principles, getting the best photos, practical exercises and much more.

Business Start Up Course (Comprehensive)

​The Comprehensive course is aimed at those wanting to start a home staging business. It has the same modules as the Short course, plus four more modules. These modules focus on the nuts and bolts of the business side of home staging. You’ll learn about pricing, sourcing furniture, making a profit, getting clients and much more. This course is certificated. You’ll also get to join our going group of graduate stagers, where we refer work on, collaborate and  help each other grow our businesses. ​Part of the course is a practical project, about which I give you constructive feedback. It’s an excellent course to get your started on your career as a home stager, earning real income.


I was so happy when I found Liesa’s online courses because I can incorporate the home staging as part of my offering to clients. The best part is that Liesa gave us all the info on a silver plate.
Melanie van der Westhuizen
I really was confident about the actual styling part but I really wanted the business side as I am a bit out of touch with how much to charge etc. It’s so comprehensive and the videos felt so one-on-one. Liesa, you have been extremely helpful and hands on, answering all my questions, big and small, and always being a phone call away…
Monique Foster
I am finding my certification very  beneficial in assisting sellers. Applying this new knowledge has been very beneficial in achieving quicker sales, and even resulted in an “unseen” sale thus far.


Lesley Penn
Thank you Liesa, for being an incredible inspiration and making this rather daunting decision to change my career path a very exciting one.  You have been willing and kind to help every step of the way.
The Comprehensive online course is easy to use, the videos are very detailed and practical, it gives you a great foundation to build from.  I found that I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight to the world of Home Staging.
Marcelle Falcke
I really like the way you set up the video and the modules. Thank You! I am so keen to build this into a business and a creative passion. The concept that you take what you have and look at it differently, and creatively change it into something beautiful and elegant appeals to me greatly.
All my years working as a hairstylist I found that that was my magic tool that I loved the must and that inspired me the most. So from hair to houses, and I have found a similar spark!
Renee Nell
The course was amazing and really opened my eyes to Home Staging and what it entails. I liked that you also explained the psychology side behind why you do Home Staging and how it affects people buying and selling which is so important. Thank you for also always being so kind over Whatsapp and your guidance every step of the way in my journey. It is truly appreciated.
Caron Bronkhorst
The course was definitely more than I had expected. From day one I enjoyed all the  modules 1-7. Very insightful and clear in terms of how one can run the business and be successful in their own right. Additional resources are there, which is something one does not find in other courses. Well done Liesa for sharing such knowledge with us.


Zukie Gxalaba
It was very enjoyable and engaging and my expectations were definitely met. The highlight of the course was all the incredible resources that comes with the course like the forms, invoices, examples of contracts etc.


Jessica Michaels


Ongoing Mentoring

Throughout the course, I am available through email and calls and phone calls. After the course, I mentor you through your initial projects.

Your Own Time and Pace

You can start any time that suits you and there are no deadlines for completion. You can race through the course or take your time. It's up to you!

It's Practical

The course is not just theory. You get to practise every aspect of the course, including a hands-on project that I guide you through. I give you extensive feedback on your project.

International Best Practice

You can practise home staging anywhere in the world after doing this course. The course aligns with worldwide best practice staging principles and practices. It is based on a proven course that has been taken by more than 150 students.