Hello and welcome!

I’m Liesa Jossel, founder of Home Stagers CT. I’d love to welcome you on this online training course and walk the journey with you to becoming a professional home stager. I only became a home stager at 56! Possibly like you, I had several careers before this, including teaching English in Spain, working for literacy organisations and drafting agreements in plain language for big corporates.

A few years ago, I bought an old 70s-style house to revamp and flip. When it came time to sell, my real estate agent said to me: “Liesa, empty properties don’t sell. You need to stage it.” Using my own furniture and renting some, I staged the property. It looked gorgeous. An old property transformed into a warm home. Tons of people came to the show day based on the photos, and it SOLD on the first day. Success. A few weeks later, to my surprise, the same agent asked if I’d stage another empty house that was having trouble selling. I did. And it SOLD. Home Stagers Cape Town, my staging business, was born.

Soon, many people were asking me for help setting up their own staging business. I joined forces with Caroline Jurgens of Lúmina Instituto de Home Staging, whose course in Spanish was already a huge success. Adapting it in English and to our market, I’m delighted to be offering it to you and to build a professional cadre of stagers.

I hope you have a lot of fun doing it, and become great successes.

Liesa xx

International Associations

In 2019, I founded  the South African chapter of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®. This is the largest existing association of property stagers globally.

I work in association with Caroline Jurgens, founder of Lúmina Instituto de Home Staging. Caroline developed the course on which mine are based. She has delivered the course to 200 students.


I won this award in 2019 for being an industry leader. I am the first recipient of the award in South Africa. The award recognizes the industry I am creating.

Course graduates

Some staging businesses started by graduates of my course

The first year of the course had 37 students. These included two fully funded scholarships.


Real estate partners


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